Connect, share, learn, and evolve with like-minded Reiki people inside our community.

Our Clear Purpose

The Mainstream Reiki Community brings together Reiki practitioners of all levels to build a supportive, like-minded community, continue our education and practice together so that we can deepen our understanding of Reiki, explore related topics, and empower ourselves to practice Reiki more confidently, both personally and professionally, if we choose to do so.

Simply put, we've created an extraordinary and groundbreaking community with a singular mission: empowering Reiki people worldwide to thrive. 

You belong with us if you want more out of your Reiki practice—whether for yourself, to help others, or to start and grow your own successful Reiki business. 

Our Invitation

Join us inside the Mainstream Reiki Community if you have completed at least a Reiki level I class with a qualified Reiki Master teacher and received the appropriate training and attunements. 

Use the following guide to select which of our three membership plans best suits your needs and goals and find answers to common questions toward the bottom of this page.

Message from Andrea

The Mainstream Reiki Community is hosted by Andrea Kennedy, founder of Mainstream Reiki. 

This Community is a manifestation of my vision to support Reiki practitioners to succeed in realizing their personal and professional dreams. One key benefit we offer is the opportunity to practice giving and receiving Reiki with others in a variety of ways. This is paramount if we wish to reap the benefits after completing Reiki training. There is no substitute for what we gain while engaging with Reiki energy and talking about it with people who understand us. 

I hope you'll join us, especially now, in these transformative and chaotic times. Reiki helps us cultivate peace and love within ourselves. And from that vibration, we help heal our world. It begins with us as individuals and strengthens as we connect through community. I'm honored to meet you here.

Together, We Learn. Together, We Grow. Together, We Reiki.

Members Say...

"As a member of the Mainstream Reiki Community I have spiritually grown immensely! Getting involved in the community has set me on the trajectory of discipline and fortitude as I climb up the spiritual ladder. In addition, the community has surrounded me with supportive, like-minded individuals from around the globe who are learning and growing with me. I'm not alone on this journey, thanks to Andrea Kennedy and the entire Mainstream Reiki Community."

"The reiki share was exactly what I needed and have been looking for.  Loving the community support without having to worry about being judged. That is HUGE!"

"I love having a place to go to ask business and reiki questions. I’m also excited about the reiki swap. I’m trying to build my confidence with distance reiki, so this is perfect."


People with at least level one Reiki training may choose to join any of our plans. The Primary level offers engagement through posts, comments, and resource libraries. The Plus level adds live opportunities to give and receive Reiki with members, monthly mentoring, and event recording libraries. The Pinnacle level is specifically focused on training and support for those ready to begin a Reiki business or to help make their existing business more successful. See the graphic above to compare the three plans.

No, social media is NOT required for our private online community. That means you do not need an account with Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform. Our Community is completely independent and free of algorithms, advertising, trolls, and people who just want to bring us down.

If you feel drawn to learn Reiki, please search for a teacher who offers quality Reiki training with time for practice. This may be in your local area in person or online. Once you complete a Reiki level one class, please return and join us! We'd love to welcome you at that time. If you'd like to learn Reiki with Andrea, please visit her website for full details and to register.

Yes, of course! Reiki attunements last a lifetime, and even if you don't feel the energy very much now, we are committed to helping you reenergize, reignite, and reconnect with your Reiki practice. You are not alone, and what you are going through is one of the reasons the Mainstream Reiki Community was created.

Your membership renews monthly until you cancel.

You may cancel at any time and will not be billed again. However, your membership will remain active (you can still log in and access the Community) through the end of your current paid month. Once that billing period ends, you are not billed again, and you can no longer log into the Community.

Refunds: Due to the nature of an online community with digital content, refunds are not granted in any amount.

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