Connect, share, learn, and evolve with like-minded Reiki practitioners inside our community.

Our Clear Purpose

The Mainstream Reiki Community brings together Reiki practitioners of all levels to build a supportive, like-minded community, continue our education and practice together so that we can deepen our understanding of Reiki, explore related topics, and empower ourselves to practice Reiki more confidently, both personally and professionally, if we choose to do so.

Once inspired and eager to help themselves and others with Reiki, after Reiki class, many face limited opportunities for practice and a lack of support from friends and family. As a result, they may set aside their potential to benefit themselves and others through Reiki.

Within our private online community, individuals come together to share their unique Reiki practices and actively uplift others on their personal Reiki and life journeys. Inside the Mainstream Reiki Community, kindness and respect are paramount. We celebrate each other's successes, embrace the diversity of our paths, and eagerly exchange stories and experiences.

Our Invitation

You are invited to discover the power of our Mainstream Reiki Community if you have completed at least a Reiki I class with a qualified Reiki Master teacher and received the appropriate training and attunements. Membership has a choice of three specialized tiers, each geared towards meeting your needs and goals. 

This guide summarizes the benefits of each option within our community. Find the level that suits you and embark on an extraordinary journey of growth and connection. Please also find the Frequently Asked Questions section at the bottom of this page.

Message from Andrea

The Mainstream Reiki Community is brought to you by Andrea Kennedy, founder of Mainstream Reiki. 

I'm a regular person, like most people—you might say mainstream. I love science, earned a Bachelor of Science in Physics, and continue to be intrigued with the world and how things work. I took my first Reiki class in 1995 after hearing fascinating stories about Reiki. Then, while on a trip to Egypt in 1999, my next steps became clear. I returned home and completed my Reiki training through the Master level for the first time. 

I was later inspired to create Mainstream Reiki with the mission of bringing Reiki further into the mainstream through education, practice, and community. This vision has guided me from first volunteering to give Reiki sessions to animals, followed by a professional practice for individual Reiki sessions in my private office, to then helping greater numbers of people by creating my popular YouTube channel, the Beyond the Reiki Gateways podcast, and teaching Reiki online to students from around the world. 

This Community is a manifestation of my vision in a whole new way. I'm very excited to support Reiki practitioners to succeed further in realizing the personal and professional visions they themselves wish to fulfill. 

I hope you'll join us, especially now, in these transformative times when we are invited to refocus on cultivating peace within ourselves rooted in the vibration of love. Because when we have love in our hearts, everything we are and everything we do is imbued with this vibration. And as a result, the world naturally heals and is a more peaceful place for us all. Reiki is a gateway toward this realization. I'm honored to meet you here.

Together, We Care. Together, We Reiki.


As long as you are a Reiki practitioner, you may choose any level based on your goals. The Primary level offers community interaction and resources to review. The Plus and Pinnacle levels each add live events to help you gain valuable experience as a practitioner and exchange Reiki with others. The Pinnacle level goes further with a focus on helping support those interested in Reiki business success, teaching, and volunteering.

No, social media is NOT required for our private online community. That means you do not need an account with Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform. Our Community is completely independent and free of algorithms, advertising, trolls, and people who just want to bring us down.

If you feel drawn to learn Reiki, please search for a qualified teacher who offers quality training with time for practice. This may be in your local area in person or online. Once you complete a Reiki level one class, please return and join us! We'd love to welcome you at that time. Andrea teaches Reiki I and II classes live and online. For details on Andrea's classes, please visit her website.

Yes, of course! Reiki attunements last a lifetime, and even if you don't feel the energy very much now, we are committed to helping you reenergize, reignite, and reconnect with your Reiki practice. You are not alone, and what you are going through is one of the reasons the Mainstream Reiki Community is here.

Your membership renews monthly until you cancel.

You may cancel at any time and will not be billed again. However, your membership will remain active (you can still log in and access the Community) through the end of your current paid month. Once that billing period ends, you are not billed again, and you can no longer log in to the Community.

Refunds: Due to the nature of an online community with digital content, refunds are not granted in any amount.

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